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On a Snowy Day

On a Snowy Day

I’m so happy to be showing my first preview on this site of a session from earlier today. Even though the weather was a little colder than I was hoping when I asked these girls to model for me it was still a great day and I think I got some great pictures of them.

So far I’m used to photographing only two sisters together, but these girls made it easy and fun to get a group shot of them. I don’t know whether I like the color version or the black and white more.

Here’s a sneak peak since I just got done editing them! I’ll also be adding some of these photos to my “Children” gallery on my photography portfolio site soon.

I had so many favorites, so it was hard to choose just one of Viv, Magi, Lilli, & Rose, but I hope they will like the ones I picked to show.

I kept the goofy ones for you Magi!

I love how blue Rose’s eyes look against the blue brick! And I’m including that last picture more for the girls, they will know why!! Viv if you look at this check out one of the windows and you can find yourself there!

Thank you so much girls for standing the cold for me, and thank you Michelle for letting be borrow your kids this morning on such short notice. I hope you’ll like your pictures!

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