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Site Updates

Site Updates

I’ve spent most of today designing/redesigning my homepage and my photography portfolio.

I still don’t know if I’m completely happy with the overall purpose I have for my homepage, and stated on it that it may be re-purposed later, but I do love the photo and the look of the page. This photo was taken in my aunt’s garden in Alaska, (I was able to spend 3 weeks there this summer for a graduation present and loved every minute of it). Plus, daisies are my favorite flower.

As for my photography site I have 3 of the galleries online right now, weddings, children, & other portraits, and I hope to have the others up soon. The header of the layout there features my twin cousins Hanna & Savanna. Hanna you may recognize from the photo currently gracing this blog as well! These girls are the biggest reason I became passionate about photography, so it seems fitting that they appear on my first versions of my sites.

I’m planning on working on my Web/Business Portfolio site tomorrow or early next week. I have a photo session tomorrow with 4 lovely sisters, so I may be a little busy.

Anyway! Have a look at my newly designed sites by clicking on one of the following images:

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