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First Newborn – 5 Days Old

First Newborn – 5 Days Old

My first official newborn session was yesterday with beautiful 5-day-old Jorden. Born Friday, Feb 13.

He was asleep when I arrived at his house, but he didn’t stay that way for too long. His big brother Kenyon loved this furry blanket too, but wouldn’t lay on it long enough for me to take his picture.

I’m still proofing this session, but wanted to show some of my early favorites!

5-day-old Newborn - Elisa Hubbard Photography

5-day-old Newborn - Elisa Hubbard Photography

Below is one of 19-month-old Big Brother trying to watch TV around my light.

19-month-old Baby, Toddler - Elisa Hubbard Photography

I had a great time working with these little guys. Kenyon was adorable checking to see if my back had a tattoo like his mommy!! And Jorden was the perfect little baby. It’ll be fun to see if Jorden’s hair will be as curly as his brothers 🙂 Look for me to finally be putting some images in my Newborn gallery soon!

5-day-old Newborn - Elisa Hubbard Photography

I can’t wait to photograph little Alexis later this week. She was born late Monday night and I’m told she has a full head of hair.

Spring definitely seems to be in the air with all the babies around here. My cousin had his first son on Tuesday – too bad they live in Montana!

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I’m going to go back to proofing little Jorden’s pictures.

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