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Behind in My Updating [1]

I can’t believe it has been over a month since I’ve posted anything. No I haven’t been gone this whole time, but just procrastinating on updating my websites. Since my last update, I spent almost two weeks in Rochester, NY visiting my friends and attending 1 convocation with the entire university, and 3 individual college graduations for friends in different majors. Then I was home for a week before leaving for Virginia and my sister’s baccalaureate & graduation from Washington & Lee. Finally the “7th” graduation ceremony I attended recently was for my cousin, neighbor, & other family friends from UCHS here in Liberty.

So lots of things going on, just not a lot of things related to my business so I just kept putting off updating here. Anyway I haven’t disappeared, just keeping busy with family and friends these last few weeks. Hopefully I don’t fall that behind on updating again…

And since posts are better with pictures, from 3 different states – Congrats Graduates of 2009!!!!

Rochester Institure of Technology Graduates of 2009 Washington & Lee University Graduates of 2009 Union County High School Graduates of 2009

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