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Spending Time Floating

“Can’t give them enough, but we just can’t start over.” – Jack Johnson

My focus seems pulled in so many different directions and at times I just want to start things from scratch to do it better this time around—stay better organized—take more time—finish what’s begun. I guess I get in my head to say I want to do so much more than I currently am and then discourge myself into thinking there isn’t enough time.

So nothing gets completed to my liking, and it’s weeks or months or years before I pick it back up again. Like my personal website that I haven’t contributed to in a couple years even though I’ve wanted to. Or random journals I start to spark whatever creativity I have, and with the added intention of gaining some incite into the person I am. Or forums I join to have a connection with a world larger than me. Really my intentions are good.

Anyway, I guess I’m here to do it again. Start something else, but this time with a new mentality. I’m placing no unnecessary burdens or self-imposed goals here. This is for me or for you if you’d like to stay and be a part. Informal or Formal. For Inspiration or Procrastination. So welcome to this, my random little collection of thoughts, sites, goals, projects, pictures, words, time. And leave your own if you’d like.


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