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Funny The Way It Is

I knew when I started this blog that it would be sporadically attended to and added to. I didn’t want to make yet more demands on myself to keep it hopping but did want it to be here for me. I have lots of ideas in my head of things I want to do and create, and it is all just a matter of throwing it out there and getting the balls rolling.

Anyway, lately I’ve been pulled towards digital scrapbooking and creating pages of my family and thoughts and quotes and dreams and childhood…life. This is where one part of me is being pulled lately. So I may start incorporating more of that here and there and maybe take on a bit of a designing roll while I’m at it.

Sometimes I just get things stuck in my head a certain way, so maybe if I actually act on it I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something even it if is just for me.

  • Image Credits: picture by me & scrapping elements by Ninascraps @ Oscraps

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