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Love Should be Entertained [9]

Well I’ve been playing lately with designing and I’m loving it. I knew when I started digiscrapping in May of this year that designing would be a way for me to go, so these last few weeks I’ve finally gotten my butt in gear to actually start and not keep putting it off. Right now I’m just creating and don’t yet have a store that I’m selling in, (haven’t applied yet since I want to get a few more products finished and together first), but I just wanted to put my first two completed things up here to maybe get some feedback/criticism/helpful ideas.

My first full kit, “It’s Why I Am.” is inspired by memories. I’m always fascinated with people’s experiences and what makes them who they are—the things that they want to remember when they get older, or that they want others to remember. So this kit is filled with elements expressing that thought. And the colors, well that comes from the fact that purple is my favorite color!

I’ve also been playing with making templates from some of my favorite layouts that I’ve made and I’ve finished my first “The Space Between” template set and have a few others started! Loving turning these pages into templates!

I’ll definitely have some freebies later when I’m a bit more organized and ready, but right now I’m just showing previews of what I’ve been doing. If there are any layouts in my Oscraps gallery that you want to see made into a template please leave me a comment here to let me know!!

So to the left is a preview of my Vol1 template set.

Well, this is all I have for now. I have 3 more full kits started and lots of ideas for other products. I’m having a blast with these, but still am open to and would love whatever feedback I’m given.

This place is still in the beginning stages, so bear with me as things are happening! I have blog design ideas in the works and plan on putting more of my layouts here for the creative teams I’m a part of and maybe some links too.

Thanks for looking!!

And finally, here is a LO I made with my kit “It’s Why I Am.” & a template by Scooty’s Designs @ Digital Scrap Cafe.


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