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Come Away With Me [2]

ScrapInsider Designer Blinkie Well it is official! And nobody guessed correctly except Sue who came back with a second guess!! The two other places mentioned are stores I’d love to sell at but they aren’t stores that I can call my home now. Where I am calling HOME for my designs, and where I’ll be selling with many talented girls, is SCRAPINSIDER!!!!

And do you want to know some more fun news?? I have a new product in the store just for this occasion! And a big store collaboration is in the works for February at ScrapInsider that I got to be a part of!

I’ve always had a love for, and a desire for, traveling. Mostly I do this vicariously through others. I collect postcards, mostly new ones, but I have a large collection of older postcards that provided the inspiration for my new “Where Are You Going.” kit. For some of the elements I used phrases and stamps that repeated a lot on the postcards, and some that I just thought were funny.

So here is the preview of my new kit! If you click the image you will be taken to my new home!

Now onto the giveaway part! I decided to give away this kit to two lucky people instead of just 1! So the first winner will be Sue since she was the only one to guess correctly, (even if she had to come back to do it, hehe), and Mr. Random decided to pick her too! And the second winner of this kit Mr. Random picked to be is: Alisa!

So I’ll send you two a coupon for your free kit later today!


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