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I Love This Community!

Well I said I’d be back quicker than I actually managed. This is because I was working on not only the collab I mentioned, but started and finished another as well! They are both so different, but I completely love how they came together!

The collaboration coming out first is with Val C. Designs! I’m so happy she wanted to collaborate again with me!! She is so talented and I’m happy that she likes what I do too. We thought we might get interrupted creating this kit with her baby being born, but she says he is lazy and doesn’t want to come out!!

Tomorrow I’ll have a giveaway for a chance to win this kit before it is released! So stop back again for that! We might be working on something else too for when we put this in store!

Now my second collaboration is with the lovely Dawn of Daybreak Scraps. We’ve wanted to collab together since we both started designing and the timing now worked out! (Plus I was a slow poke with replying to emails!!) This is my first really girly kit too, but I had so much fun making this and seeing this come together with her!

Well! That’s all for now!

Happy Tax Day to those in the US! Both my parents are accountants, so at the end of the work day on April 15th we celebrate, hehe!


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