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Another Mixture

It looks like I completely missed weeks, (or 2 months!! eek!) of posting here! Definitely have not been on the ball with updating this blog, so I’m going to do another random mixture of sessions in this one and then do a couple more posts later this week with some recent sessions.

So here are a few older sessions in no particular order.

Abe, 1 year, boy, studio, Baby Photography, Child Photography, Elisa Hubbard Studios

First up is the adorable little Abe who came to see me for his first birthday! Definitely a smaller guy compared to the chunky babies I saw before him, but he was perfect & he had the most adorable grin! I wish he had felt a little better that day, but who could blame the guy when he just turned 1.

Beauty For Ashes, Victoria Knollman, Jewelry, studio, Product Photography, Elisa Hubbard Studios

Next I got to try my hand at some product photography for Victoria Knollman’s jewelry “Beauty For Ashes”. Her work is beautiful & she’ll be showing at the Oxford Wine Festival in a couple weeks! I’ve known Vicki most of my life, so it was fun getting to help her with her business!

4 Generations, studio, Baby Photography, Family Photography, Elisa Hubbard Studios

A couple months before I opened my studio we did a bit of remodeling. After it was ready, the first people I photographed actually were not people but a couple of dogs, Phil & Lil. How does that fit with the picture above? Well, this is the family that owns those dogs and they came to see me this time for a “four generations” shoot. This little guy is the first boy in the family in a while! And he is definitely a cutie!

Birthday, Family Gathering, Family Dinner, On-Location, Family Photography, Event Photography, Elisa Hubbard Studios

I also got to photograph my great-aunt’s 80th birthday party. She had some of her family around, so they did a family dinner and wanted photos of each family separately & together. I loved that I could go and be a part this way. Here is Gwen blowing out her candles & she was surrounded by all her grandkids that were there!

So there is my quick catch up post. I have a session that I just finished editing & putting into their private gallery, so I’ll put up a few peeks of those tomorrow, then later this week I’ll have another senior sneak peek to put up too!

Happy Monday!!

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