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25 Days of Templates [5]

I’ve never taken an online class before for digiscrapping as I’ve taught myself everything I know so far through trial and error and scraplifting. Well… This class tempted me with some amazing goodies, and even though I’m pretty comfortable with templates I hope to learn a bit more and grow as a scrapper through taking this course.

25 Days of Summer Templates: Day 1

Anyway, the class started June 1st. After seeing the materials and watching the first video I decided my first goal with the class was to NOT use the templates straight up and change them a little to fit my style more and just make them more personal. So I was inspired and finished using all 5 templates in just 2 days of starting the class.

25 Days of Summer Templates: Day 2

Now normally when I use a template I just use it once. If it was a free template I completely delete it after I’ve used it because I tell myself I’ll never use it again since I don’t want my layouts to look identical. If they aren’t free I don’t feel right just deleting, so I have thought in the past that they will just sit there.

25 Days of Summer Templates: Day 3

Since I finished using the first templates so quickly, and have had lots of scrapping inspiration this week, I decided to make a second goal…Scrap all the layouts a second time, changing it & modifying it to make a completely new layout with it’s own feel.

25 Days of Summer Templates: Day 4

Now I know every week I won’t have the same speed, but I’m hoping to keep the same goals of first changing up the templates a little, (even it that is just resizing), and then scrapping with the templates a second time. By the end of this 25 day course I hope to have grown in confidence with using many template styles and not feeling intimidated with changing them to suit my needs.

25 Days of Summer Templates: Day 5

The images here show all the layouts I’ve created for the first 5 templates provided in the class. Any comments are welcome!

Here’s to day 6 through 25!


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