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25 Days of Templates. Pt 2 [1]

Before I get into another fun post about a scrapping class I’m in I wanted to remind you guys that you have until tomorrow to get your applications in to apply to my CT. You can check out that post again here! I already have many great apps and I know I’m going to have a hard time picking new additions to my team, but I really want to make sure no one is being shy and has got them in if they wanted. Oh! And I’ll be back tomorrow with my new kit and maybe a couple chances to win!


25 Days of Summer Templates: Day 6

Today is day 10 of my 25 Days of Templates class taught by Tiffany Tillman. I honestly can’t believe the scrapping motivation it has given me lately, and the motivation to scan some photos that I’ve had sitting by my desk forever. The pages that are side beside are scrapped using the same templates.

25 Days of Summer Templates: Day 7

I mentioned in my last post that I created two goals for myself with this class. 1. Change the templates to make them mine. 2. Scrap with each of the templates a second time. Since I have these ideas in my head the whole time I’m scrapping with these great templates the ideas are just flying around my head lately.

25 Days of Summer Templates: Day 8

As you can probably guess, I’m also trying to keep the goal of updating here to show that progress. Assuming I stay on schedule & motivated that’ll be on the 5th day, (last day of each section of the class). I hope you like seeing my scrapping style on my blog & not just my designs. I still consider myself a scrapper & love creating!

25 Days of Summer Templates: Day 9

I have to say that a few of these templates took me a lot longer to get my head around since the style is different than what I normally create, but once I played with the layers and played with moving things around the templates were a little less intimidating to me and I love how each and every page came out. (Of course I like some more than others! lol)

25 Days of Summer Templates: Day 10

So here is to the next 15 days! I can’t wait to see the next batch of templates and see what challenges I hit & what things I can make! Also I’ll be babysitting this weekend, so more new pictures too!


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