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Remember Being Small [2]

…Remember running around being silly & making up games that had no basis in reality? Remember playing with dolls or stuffed animals and making up their own little world? Remember thinking anything is possible? Anything can exist? Anything can happen? …Remember being small?

I’ve always been fascinated by the power of imagination, especially in children. My mind always wanders when I read any quotes about dreaming and magical worlds of make-believe. I love books & movies steeped in fantasy…fairy tales…wonder & beauty. “Remember Being Small.” was inspired by all those things, little & big, that make the world something more innocent & wonderful!

This collection is HUGE because I wanted it to try & show all that. And I have to say I have the most amazingly talented creative team that helped play with this and give me feedback. This is definitely my favorite kit so far & I hope you all will love it too! I’m so completely excited with how this turned out and came together!

My newsletter will go out tomorrow morning, August 13th @ 10am EST, and will include a big coupon for the purchase of the full collection or a coupon for the freebie add-on with the purchase of just the kit. Be sure you are subscribed if you want an amazing deal on this! Also all parts of “Remember Being Small.” are on sale for 20% off till Monday!!!

Now onto the inspiration that you don’t want to miss from my team & current guests!!!!! (A couple pages use my new templates & other kits) … Secretly, between you & me, I think a couple girls on my team were having a contest, they were rocking on these! Every one of them was rocking!!!


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