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Gratitude. [1]

I’m beyond thrilled writing this right now! Awhile ago Sue, of Designs by Sue Cummings, asked me if I would like to collaborate with her for a kit on gratitude. I honestly had to reread the message several times just to be sure I read that right. Sue? So of course I had to jump on that and I’m thrilled with how this came together! I’m also thrilled with what all that our teams created, so this post will be heavy with inspiration!

Our Collaboration “Gratitude.” is just in time for Thanksgiving. We created a kit about expressing gratitude for what we have, and about feeling blessed everyday for the people & things in our lives. Right now it’s on sale for 20% off too!

Ready to be inspired with Gratitude?



The winners of my giveaway are Bonnie & Marjike!

Expect a message from me today!

Also, my newsletter will be going out to everyone on my list shortly after this post, and I’ll have a freebie QP included!

Have a great & thankful weekend!


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