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Custom Win! [2]

I keep reading all the comments for my giveaway over & over to see which I connect with the most. There are a few that I think I’d like to try in the future, so even if I didn’t pick it now, if I use that idea or color scheme then I will get in touch with you with coupons. I loved all the ideas & appreciate the congrats too! You girls & your support mean a lot to me!

Soooo! Without further ado. The winner of the custom kit & $25 is…
Corinna!! Lots of people mentioned a white kit, but as you were the first, & provided an idea to tag along with it, I picked yours. I think it’ll be a great fit for my style and me! So be expecting an email from me soon!!

Also I wanted to give a couple random $5 coupons to those that commented here & at Mscraps!! From here the winners are: Bluetansy & Shellie & From Mscraps the winners are: Tracy & Elina!! Expect an email or pm from me tomorrow!

Oh Monday!


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