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Vera Lim Blog Blitz [2]

Ready for something new? I’ve never heard of a blog blitz before so the idea intrigued me into signing up, (also the fact that I’d get to try a “new to me” designer’s products was a big bonus). So, welcome to the Vera Lim Blog Blitz, the first ever at Oscraps!

I’m just an early stop on the tour, but over the next few days there will be more posts popping up in review of Vera’s new kit “Wild & Beautiful”, so check the Oscraps Blog for those stops! Also Vera is having a little contest to go along with it, so be sure to read this entire post for that additional information!

Vera LimVera Lim lives in beautiful New Zealand with her dear hubby and two georgious kids. She decided to guest this month at Oscraps because, well, she heard some good things about the O’s and thought why not try it for herself! You can learn more about her, at

Links to find her:
Guesting At The O | On Facebook | At Her Blog | Her Store | O Blog | O Forum

Now onto my review!

Wild & Beautiful by Vera Lim

Note: I was provided a copy this kit by Vera Lim, a guest designer at This review was not influenced by a free kit – just in case you (or the FTC) were worried about this detail.

Like I said before, this was my first experience with a Vera Lim kit. As someone that DOES like to shop I of course had seen her work around & knew the name, but hadn’t yet purchased a kit to try out. Honestly I don’t think there could have been a better kit for me to experience her designs with.

Now I’ve never officially reviewed a kit before, so bear with me, lol! I’ll start with the page I created:
Wild & Beautiful LO
When I first get a kit I like to go through all the files provided & see what grabs me. For this I’ll start with color. I think the choices are truly unique and the softness & glow is gorgeous! I knew right away this kit would be perfect for the subjects I normally scrap.

Since this style is a bit out of my comfort zone, of what I normally scrap with, I initially was worried about the lack of a real plain textured solid just because I didn’t know where to start! But after opening PS I was glad I didn’t have that choice because it challenged me to really use her gorgeous art papers. The papers themselves really could stand on their own, so I wanted to be sure I didn’t “ruin” the look with my design. I think the textures themselves were perfect for a unique blending & loved all the little details in them! I simply hope I did them justice.

Now if you know my gallery & pages you know that I’m a sucker for beautiful wordart, especially gorgeous handwritten wordart, & this kit has it in spades! Wordart alone can draw me to a kit & it’s the thing I love creating most myself as a designer. I know this sounds weird, but it’s normally the wordart that determines how many pages I create with a certain kit, (so be expecting another page from me soon for this one!).

And lastly, the elements themselves are definitely high quality. There is variety & a unique flair to each of them and the colors are a bit bolder than the papers which provides a beautiful contrast. (Aside: I simply wish I myself were better at clustering so I could create the gorgeous looks that Vera’s team created with this kit!)

I really enjoyed trying out a new designer this way as it made me look at my scrapping a little differently, & if you know me you know I like the challenge of scrapping with new styles! And I truly hope the review was helpful to you or at least a fun something new! 😀

Following is Vera’s description of this kit & a link to it at the O:

“Wild & Beautiful is a ‘gorgeous and stunning pastel colored kit!’ It includes 10 papers and 34 elements (available as colored and shadowed versions – 63 total elements”

Contest Info
Follow the Blog Tour: Visit each blog and gather the words for a Christmas quote. When you have compiled the quote, e-mail it to & all e-mails must be received by midnight CST, Wednesday, Dec. 22.

My part of the quote is: “that wraps itself about us,”

One winner, from those who submit the correct quote, will be picked randomly – using – to win a kit of his/her choice from Vera Lim.

Well! I hope you’ve enjoyed my stop on the tour! Remember to check the Oscraps Blog for links & dates to the other stops!

Also, if you are a reader of my blog already, check back tonight as I’ll be posting days 11-15 of my “25 Days of Holiday Templates” pages 🙂



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