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List-O-Holic [4]

I guess it’s only fitting that I’m so behind today considering I’m trying to get caught up on my Photo Studio work to-do list & sending orders & then my design to-do list & then the clean the sidewalks & laundry & scraping challenges & getting my tax stuff done & & & & & … … … It’s Friday right?

Okay!! Ready for the big reveal?

List-O-Holic Collab

Like I said in my last post I was more than thrilled to get to collaborate with Val, of Val C Designs, for the third time! I got a laugh at reading her post this morning about our emails. She calls them “funny, friendly and efficient” and I would have to agree but also add scary & nuts & disjointed & crazy – Just like us! I love working with this girl!!

“List-O-Holic” is obviously about list making & to-do lists. It’s about putting our goals, tasks, responsibilities, dreams, etc. to paper and about getting things done & staying on task. Really this kit is for anyone, whether they are list-o-holics or not, lol. “List-O-Holic” is about the day-to-day things that happen in our lives & the way we react to them.

(And maybe a little bit getting off track to get other things back on!)

And! It’s 20% this weekend at ZZS & at Mscraps!!!!

This project came together quickly I think & it truly is a crazy big kit & can be scrapped SOOO many different ways! Below I’ll show you the inspiration from some of our Creative Team Girls, but I also think you need to head over Val’s post so you can see it in action more!

List-O-Holic List-O-Holic

And of course a kit reveal isn’t complete without listing the winner to the random kit giveaway!! So… Without further ado… Congratulations to:


Coupon coming your way shortly for this kit!!

Thank you so much to everyone that entered & for the comments!!

Now if you are frozen & stuck indoors.. Stay warm! And if you are melted to your chairs because of the heat, I’m jealous because I feel like my hands are made of ice today!



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