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ADFE – DAY 2 + Rushing Around [2]

A have a new release for you today, but first….

(or as France posted: AGED – A Giveaway Every Day! – LOVE THIS!)

10 Days Of Giveaways

See.. This is why I give you a hint of where to go for the next day.. I’M SLOW!

Today you should have made your way over to the talented Talia’s blog!!! You’ll definitely want to catch her post because…. well I can’t tell you what she’s posted for you! See for yourself!!

She’s also showing off a few of her favorite layouts that she’s made since joining my team! I have to say my most favorite layout of hers is there too, (the one using “Remember Being Small”)!! I adore her style & love reading her stories about that cutie daughter of hers!

Your hint for tomorrow.. Helen will have something ready just for you!!

NOW! I told you I got to collaborate with Che Yang Designs & Creations by Tinamarie!!! After months of trying to find time together, (which seems sort of fitting giving the theme we picked!), we’ve come up with something fun & amazing! These girls are always inspiring to me, so I’m thrilled we did this together & can’t wait to collaborate again!

Ever feel like you and your family just rushes from one thing to the next? Rushing here. Rushing there. Rushing to school, work, appointments; back home; rushing to eat, get ready for bed, talk on the phone, blackberry, etc. That’s what this kit is all about. “Rushing Around.” is about rushing through your life or realizing your pace & slowing it down!

It’s currently on sale at Mscraps & Oscraps for 20% Off!!

Want to know what else I LOVE about collaborating? The variety & enthusiasm from all the creative teams that are involved! You won’t believe the pages they’ve created & I hope they will inspire you as they have me!!!

Rushing Around Collaboration Rushing Around Collaboration Rushing Around Collaboration

Happy FRIDAY!!! Laundry time for me now 🙂


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