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ADFE – Day 7 + Day 3 [3]


10 Days Of Giveaways

I just posted Day 6’s post a little bit ago to remind you where to go. I think there is just a little bit more time on that one so check there first, then come back!

Okay! Yep! It’s still technically the 26th here, (for a few more minutes at least), but I needed to get this posted early since I’ll be spending my morning at the hospital with my grandma while she has surgery on her knee. It’s an out-patient surgery, so hopefully everything will go okay. I’ll be staying the night at her house tomorrow night just in case she needs some help & then physical therapy starts right away on Thursday!

Anyway!!! I’m posting up your giveaways for Day 3 & Day 7!

Helen made for you the first QP using my kit “Other Than Me.” I always love Helen’s pages & this is no exception! Remember to stop by her blog to tell her thanks & wish her well with her pregnancy too!!

The second QP was created by me using a variety of my products & modified slightly from one of my own layouts.

Here is just a little preview of the two Quick Pages. I decided to zip them up together just to be easier to download. I hope you’ll like these!!

10 Days - Quickpages!Download Disabled

I’ll go ahead & give you your hint for the next giveaway, just know that it’ll be a little bit longer wait since I’m posting this one earlier. So Thursday you’ll want to stop by Rachel’s (Brinic’s) & she’ll have your Day 8 Giveaway!

Whew! Happy Tuesday/Wednesday!


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