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ADFE – Day 8 & 9 [4]


10 Days Of Giveaways

Well! Okay! First, I’M HERE! Just been hanging out at my grandma’s house the last few days. Today, maybe, she is seeming a bit better. She had surgery on her knee on Wednesday & they found other things wrong there so possibly more surgery later. Yesterday was painful after therapy, but today it seems to be looking up! Thanks for the messages wishing her well!

But that means I’m out of it right now!

So where were we? Thursday, Day 8 Rachel (Brinic) hooked you up, so I hope you found your way there okay! I love her blog too, so even though Day 8 is done you should still check out her layouts! She amazes me with how updated she keeps it! Her men are so handsome too! lol!

For Day 9 TODAY! (though a little late) I’d planned a $5 coupon giveaway & I think I’ll just do that here! This may be up for more than 24hrs & I’ll announce the winner on Sunday with tomorrow’s winners too!!

BUT leave me a message. Maybe post your favorite quote. Tell me your favorite song. Whatever! For a chance for a $5 coupon to MY SHOP!!

See you tomorrow!! I have BIG plans here for giveaways! I’ll try to have it up early in the day if all goes as planned!


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