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So I'm Racing This Year!

Happy Scrapping Sunday Everyone!

So last year, being that it was my first time around for this event in scrapping, I heard about ADSRThe Amazing Digi Scraping Race” – but I didn’t have the courage to tackle that on. Then this year rolled around with ADSR Season 6 & my Digi-friend Clara asked if I’d be her partner. I was worried about the timing since Alaska was only a possibility then & I didn’t know if I’d be around for a few of the challenges. Luckily, or not so luckily for their site, the start of the race was postponed & I didn’t have to worry!

team blinkie So Clara & I now make up Team #49 – Team hOpe! The first two challenges are done. The third was just posted today. I still don’t know my thoughts on the theme for this year, (being as I’m not a mom or married yet so my family stuff will probably be limited to older scanned photos & not photos I’ve taken, & I may not even have photos for some of the topics!), but I do like partnering up & I’m always up for a challenge!

I’ve not done a TON of scrapping since I got back from Alaska, (or I’ve done some & they can’t be posted just yet for my CTs!), but today I thought I’d just post my first two layouts from ADSR6!

(both linked to my Oscraps gallery for full credits!)
ADSR 6.1 ADSR 6.2


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