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When You Disappear [5]

…sometimes it’s hard to get back & other times it just feels like coming home!

Yep. I disappeared from the internet & scrap world for a bit, unintentionally mind you!, and found that I’m actually LESS productive when I’m away than more so. Weird yes! I’ve missed everyone & feel like I’m getting back home now that I’m in my forums more!!

And getting back into it all and playing in Photoshop like I’m supposed to! IT FEELS GREAT! Still not fully on the top of my game, & I’m still trying to find that balance between work, CT duties, scrapping for myself, doing summer projects, playing with my new puppy!!, designing, & battling the heat! I’ll get there I know it! (Or fake my way through the summer!)

But I do have some good news!!! I have a couple new things coming to my store this week!!!! And a sneak peek for you!!!!!!

Since I’ve been gone too long & have missed giving away things so much I’m going to give away THREE $8 Coupons To My Store! Nothing special to win, just leave a comment here to let me know if you’d like a chance!! I’ll pick the winners on Friday night when I post about my New Releases!!!

I hope everyone has had a great last couple of months!

Happy Scrapping!!!!


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