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Template Growth & Giveaway [87]

Happy Scrapping Sunday!!!

First let me say-be prepared for a long post! You definitely don’t want to miss what I’m giving away at the end from….Wait & See!

It was last summer when my scrapping style really started changing & my goals started changing on what exactly I wanted to do with my layouts. It started with me deciding to take Tiffany Tillman‘s 25 Days of Templates course.

If you followed my blog at the time then you know that my goal was to really look at templates differently. Before this I didn’t scrap a lot with templates since I saw them as being less MINE in a way, & I’d also just delete them after using them once so the pages wouldn’t look the same. My plan with the class was to use each of the templates twice & change them to fit my style.

And I started scrapping MORE! Sometimes I’d try a new style that the template was more geared to. Sometimes I’d actually add some journaling to my pages. But with all of them I was just more inspired to not be intimidated with different template designs & not be scared to change them up! (And also be inspired to use up my STASH!!)

Well! What happens this year? First LOTS of freebies! A new one every week starting at the end of February & lasting for 52 weeks with this idea behind it:

“If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another.” The 14th Dalai Lama

Thus a new goal for me was born. Scrap these! Simple. Make them mine. Get more stories/photos/memories on the page. This past Thursday marked Tiffany being halfway through 52 weeks of generously creating & offering a new template. AND I’M CAUGHT UP! (Okay, maybe I’m the only one excited about that, but seriously! I’m actually caught up!)


Each of my layouts is shown next to the template that started it. To help with the size of this post I made them a little smaller, but simply click on the images to enlarge them a bit.

52 Templates 1-6 52 Templates 7-12 52 Templates 13-18 52 Templates 19-24 52 Templates 25-26

I’m so excited about each page whether I completely changed the original or simply took the template straight up. Each represents a part of my Varied, Varied style. And each represents .M.E.
Tiffany writes, “The 52 Thursday Template series is my little peace (piece) to share with a community of people I’ve grown to love for over seven years.” With this idea of giving she’s offering a HUGE giveaway for me to host here on my blog! Check it out!!

26 Templates by Tiffany Tillman

She’s letting me give away all that!!! And not just one! She said, “And hey, why not choose two lucky winners.” Yep! TWO lucky winners will win all the templates from this project so far. I’d hope whoever wins will share with me what they create too!

So here are the details: Simply leave a comment on this post & you could win EACH of these 26 Templates! You have until Sunday Sept. 11 to enter!

So how do you like your templates? Do you use them? Do you stretch, move, mold, change them? Do they scare you? Do you hate them?

Happy Scrapping Sunday!


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