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Template Lovin' [1]

I’m so sorry for my delay in letting you know the winners! First, I LOVED reading all the various thoughts on templates and here are some of my favorites:

“…it always amazes me how they can grow and change to looks so different depending on the papers and photos used…” – Philippa

“…Thank you for posting each of your layouts next to the template you used… it was more than liking them- they inspired & helped me to actually ‘get’ what to ‘change up’ a template can do to bring out our own individual style…” – Abbie

“I started using the templates to complete all of August, never having used them before, but had so much going on, needed to be quick. I love using them! They can so easily be made your own, and I feel like I have more time to be creative with my journaling and papers and embellishments when I use a template…” – babskekloo5

“I LOVE templates! They can generate so much inspiration when I literally have none. I truly love being able to have a starting point and then altering them to fit my style and/or pictures…” – Michelle M

“I rarely do a layout without starting first with a template. I am scrapping for me and for 7 grandchildren, so I have lots and lots and lots of layouts to do. Using templates really helps me with the design process. I do change them up to fit my photos and my style. I have no fear of using templates nor do I have any issue with using one more than once…” – Valerie

“I adore templates… absolutely will not scrap without them anymore. LOL I twist ‘em, flip ‘em, mirror ‘em, pair ‘em, and yes, even use ‘em straight up.” – Lynn
Really all these comments were wonderful to read & give such a different look into the way templates are used/can be used.. Really they are limitless once you get going! I hope just seeing this, & reading other’s thoughts, you’ll be more inspired once you get scrapping!

So without further ado!

The winners are:

Template Winners

Congrats! Look for a message from Tiffany soon with your prize! And if you get to scrap with these link me up as I’d love to see!

Now if you didn’t win, you can still grab Tiffany’s next freebie with Template 27 on her blog!!! And you all can grab the next 26 templates in the coming weeks!

So want to see what has put me behind this week?
9 – 5 Week Olds! (will be 6 weeks tomorrow!)


Helping out a relative, actually helping these guys more, by finding homes for 9 puppies. They were just going to go to the pound when they were big enough but I convinced them to let me take them & work with a shelter that won’t kill them to find them all homes. Basically my next 3 weeks are going to be nuts! I’ve never been around a litter of puppies before, so I’m having a blast!

Now that I sortof have a routine down with them this week, (though them being more & more playful is messing this up a bit), I’m hoping to get back to business!

New releases will be out for me this week!! Look out!


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