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11 Random Things On 11.11.11

Seems to be the perfect day for blogging! It’s later in the day than planned, but this has been a busy day of getting lots of work done & little time for play. Now it’s random time, (and not at 11:11pm either since I have to sleep before a wedding tomorrow)!! Some may or may not deal with the number 11, but all are what happened today or what’s on my mind.
Fabric Flowers

1. It’s Veterans Day!!! My grandpa has been gone for 11 years now & I need to make it a goal to create more pages about him & his military career. I was 14 when he died so I do have memories of him & should get those down before I don’t anymore. While I’m at it I need to create more pages about all the older members of my family & not just my little cousins. Goal for 2012 maybe?

2. Joyce was giving out coupons from the Mscraps designers in celebration of 11.11.11 on the Mscraps Facebook Fanpage today. She might post more up tomorrow so check it out. Also some of the ones already posted still have some uses left like my coupon for 50% off my store which is: ehs11-11FUN50

3. Love the 11.11.11. list of ideas that Sara Gleason of Zinnias & Swallowtails & Plant Your Story came up with for today. These would make great layout topics!

4. Speaking of layouts, I’d planned on posting 11 of my favorite layouts today, but instead I’ll just link you to one that stood out in the gallery for me which is “Our 40th Anniversary” by Zalaine & I’m using it as my pick for One Story Down‘s Holiday Bash giveaway today.

5. Just got done blogging on my photography blog tonight & posted 11 sessions, (so so behind on that blog!). A good catch-up feeling!

6. New Cheery-Os were added at Oscraps today! Guess how many new girls made the team?! 11!!! No Kidding!

7. If you are friends with me on Facebook you know that I’m doing a p365 thing that I started June 2nd. Today is day 163 in my Days of Charlie year of photos project. Today also marks 14 weeks into the52 Fridays project that I’m helping my brother with to record his puppy Dante, (he doesn’t have any blog comments there yet, so if you want to help him out cool!). He hasn’t posted today’s picture yet, but will tonight I’m sure.

Now to make this one turn into 11…. if you divide 163 by 14 you get 11! hehehehe (yes I’m strange & yes if you round up it’s not 11, but still!)

8. Shhhh! It’s a secret, but I’ve already scrapped 11 Layouts for Tiffany Tillman’s Holiday Templates 2011 Class & I can’t wait to share them when the class starts! Lots of scrapping mojo both for the holidays & anytime!

9. Nothing to do with 11, but I’ll have a freebie template posted up in the Oscraps forum tomorrow. I’d meant to have this up yesterday, but it’s hitting busy time in my studio & that got pushed aside, & is getting pushed aside today in place of this post & my photography blogging. SO it will be there tomorrow!!

10. I’ve been in a crafty mood the last couple days. So yesterday I went to Joannes & got me a new glue gun & fabric & ribbons & tried my hand at flower making!! I’ve made 11 flowers so far!! Technically I made them on the 10th. Technically there are 12 flowers, but 1 I only pulled apart & reglued, so that’s not really MY flower, lol. SO 11!!

11. hehe! Nothing to do with 11 on this one either…TOMORROW I’M HOSTING A GIVEAWAY! I have a wedding tomorrow too, so I don’t yet know if I’m posting the giveaway before I leave or after I get home, so just be on the lookout this weekend!!! I’ll give you a little hint….It’s for a designer I’ve been with since she started!!

OKAY I think that’s good for today!

HAPPY 11.11.11


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