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Senior Catch-up

In the spirit of the day, 11.11.11, I figured I’d get on the blogging bandwagon & get some older photos up on this site! For the day I will be blogging 11 sessions, but breaking them up into a multiple posts for ease of reading! I’m still way behind on getting this place completely caught up, (especially now that I’m in the busy season), but I DO still want to have as many sessions here as I can even if they are way behind schedule.

To start with, I figured I should get the rest of the 2011 graduated seniors up before I start with my 2012 seniors! Sorry guy for not getting these up here sooner. I know you are out in the “real-world” or in college now, so this will be an homage to you all!

First up: Katelyn! The day was gorgeous even if a little windy. She took me to her grandmother’s old home & places that were so much more personal & I’m thankful that I got to see a place that was so loved & filled with tradition. Also we went to Hueston Woods for part of her session which I hadn’t been to before for work & hadn’t been in years period. Since Katelyn’s session, & bumming directions from her, I’ve been back many times as it’s gorgeous!
Katelyn, 2011 Senior, Girl, Union County High School, UCHS, Liberty, Hueston Woods, Senior Photography, Elisa Hubbard Studios

Later that fall I met & photographed Damien. He really just wanted pictures with his truck & jeep, but we managed to get shots for mom too. The smiles were achieved by threatening to let his little sister tell me embarrassing stories about him if we didn’t. I just love laughing shots no matter the subject!
Damien, 2011 Senior, Boy, Union County High School, UCHS, Liberty, Whitewater State Park, Studio Photography, Senior Photography, Elisa Hubbard Studios

Spring came and along with it endless rain. It ended up working out fine during Paul’s senior session though. The colors came out so vibrant for just being in the early spring so it was worth putting up with the dampness in the air & sprinkles that kept coming. I love that my studio is right in town to give the UCHS seniors the opportunity for their photos on “the home field”.
Paul, 2011 Senior, Boy, Union County High School, UCHS, Liberty, Senior Photography, Elisa Hubbard Studios

Finally the last session for the previous year’s graduating class was my cousin Emma & the only non UCHS senior in the bunch for that year. It was another day filled with the threat of rain, but the rain held off until right at the end of the session & for that we both were thankful. For Emma’s pictures we went down the road to her grandma’s, (my great-aunt’s), to experience the end of the spring florals.
Emma, 2011 Senior, Girl, Burris Laboratory School, On-Location, Senior Photography, Elisa Hubbard Studios

Next up, & some of my favorite subjects, the newborns of 2011!

Happy 11.11.11 Part.1

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