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Joining The PL Wagon

Joining The PL Wagon

I haven’t been a paper scrapper since 2004 even though I started out that way in 1999 with the birth of my twin cousins when I was 13. I still have urges to be extra creative & use my hands, but I never think I’m artistic enough for the paper world. Digital is so so so much easier for me & I can fee like an Artist that way.

So really, I don’t know why I’ve been pulled towards trying Becky Higgins’ Project Life this year, but for some reason it has really grabbed me. I’m sure my Pinterest Board is a testament to my recent obsession. (Yes I say obsession because once I get something in my head that I truly want to do I have a hard time focusing on other things until I get to do it!)

Project Life Header

Now me…I’m boring. Yes I know that. I know I don’t have kids, I’m not married yet, & I am really a homebody 75% of the time. But for me…I’ve always been a hoarder of memories. All the little things too that are so seemingly insignificant to everyone else. I treasure them. I keep pieces of them. And I feel silly 100% of the time because I do. But I’m one of those people that loves listening to people’s memories about me, about themselves, about anything that they hold dear. I can see their passion & it always stays with me more so than the big events or current events. I hoard emotions.

I don’t think my life is so completely interesting to others that I need to record each day, but for me it is. That’s why I’m going to start this project. My goal is if not a picture every day than at least a bit of journaling. Also, I’m currently about 190 days into a 365 photo project of my puppy & I’d rather that not be the total focus for Project Life, so I really want to push myself to pull the camera out for other things too. Also I thought 2012 would be a good year for this. My dad turns 50, my sister graduates from Law School, the last of my college friends graduate, my cousins turn 13, etc.

Because this has been a little obsession lately, once I decided I was going to do & commit to this project I had to start my shopping, & luckily for me a lot of it I got during the Black Friday sales! Like I mentioned, I haven’t been paper scrapping for 7 years, so that’s 7 years of no new supplies that fit my current design style.

Below are the NEW supplies that I bought specifically for this, (I’ll update the listing for any new items purchased before 2012 starts). I went a little overboard. Or a lot overboard. But hopefully this will help me stick to doing this project at least for all of 2012. I also have a few older things I’ll use too as my scrapbooking stash is already big, but I don’t have those listed anywhere. Mostly Creative Memories things since that was the rage back then!

I’m calling this my “Project Life Starter Pack”

Also this obsession meant…The stuff is here so I’m starting NOW! Check my next post later tonight for my cover design & my first two weeks Dec 1-4th & Dec 5th-11th. I figured if I started in December I could see how things would work for me & know better how I can share my pages. Hoping to share every Tuesday if I stay on track.

Wish me luck!! Now to scrap some digital stuff too!!

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