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Project Life – Dec 12th-18th

Project Life – Dec 12th-18th

First off! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT LAST WEEK! Yep! I have to yell that because it truly meant a lot to me. Also thanks for the extra advice & tips! I’m always open to more things that’ll make this easier for me to do. Also any inspiration, HOOK ME UP!

Anyway!!! I did it! HA! I am posting on schedule. But I’m really not going to stress on it too much if I don’t later. Crystal Livesay created a Project Life support group on Facebook & the motto that the ladies there are going to embrace is “thinking we’ve failed is not an option”.

Project Life Header

Okay! Before I get to my new spread, I wanted to say that I updated my products purchased post with a few new buys in my Project Life Starter Pack. I believe I’m done for now, *that’s enough right?!* HA! Though, I AM expecting a few things, (like stamp pads), from my sister for Christmas. Seriously though…I’m done! (Unless of course you link me to something AMAZING!)
Project Life
Work during this week has been Christmas order focused & the days have been dreary & foggy, but the end of the week had more photo worthy moments for me. My sister is home for Christmas break, we celebrated my mom’s birthday a day early, & we did some Christmas cooking & deliveries.
Project Life
For this week I added an extra protector for some favorite photos & Christmas cards. The page protector is actually for 4×5 film. I had leftovers of these sheets from school, so I just cut of the top of them that had the film information & used them for this. Since I knew my photos would be 4×5 I used that last 1″ & put some digi elements there to use later, like labels, the date elements & wordart, (just so I’m not wasting space on the 4×6 print).
Project Life
I have a hard time picking just the right photos that look great together, (I know that isn’t a requirement), & so I print a few extra for the weeks and play around with different designs. I DO think that the extra elements really help bring the page together though.

Another thing I LOVE this week…I made my mom & sister do a journaling prompt. Gayle’s is a quote & mom’s is her favorite Christmas songs this year.Project Life

Woo! Here’s to week 4…Christmas week!!

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