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Project Life – Dec 19th-25th

Project Life – Dec 19th-25th

Four weeks done!! Or 3.5 technically! I think I’m more in love with this project with each week that gets done, & already I’m loving looking through the first weeks. My favorite part…The extra inserts!

Highlights for this week include: decorating my studio windows, dinner & shopping with my sister, enjoying the tree, visiting cousins when they came by to pick up a photo order, celebrating my grandma’s birthday early, week 20 of 52 Fridays of my brother’s puppy, cleaning & finding all Charlie’s dog toys, & of course all of Christmas day!

Project Life Header

Here is a look at the week without the additions:
Project Life
Honestly, I started this week thinking it wouldn’t have much extra, even with Christmas in there. It was just a slow start to the week with not a lot going on outside of cleaning & finishing up orders at work. But I ended up adding 5 extra inserts-3 page protectors & 2 cards.

The next, LONG photo, is a look at all the inserts. Page by Page. (I need to work on the lighting at my Project Life desk for these photos.. NOTE for next time!)
Project Life

Some of the found items I stuck in for the week include part of a Fazoli’s menu, cards, part of an envelope, & a “Charming Charlie” tag from my mom’s Christmas present.
Project Life
The star paper clips are from a Christmas gift from two years ago from my mom to me. I liked adding them to another Christmas. Also on two of the photos from Christmas day I included the time too…I liked that tip from a Project Life veteran, (can’t remember who right now!), and knew I wanted to try to keep track of that on some photos.
Project Life

Well! That’s Christmas week!! I’m looking forward to this coming week more since I’ll be getting my twin cousins on Thursday to go bowling, shopping, & spend the weekend & New Year with. (I have a feeling any week that includes them will be my favorite.)

(Project Life is a system created by Becky Higgins to take the stress out of scrapbooking.)

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