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Project Life – Dec 1st-11th

Project Life – Dec 1st-11th

Like I said in my first Project Life post, Joining The PL Wagon, I decided to start with December. I’m impatient. Plus I figure I can get into some sort of groove before the actual new year starts & be better prepared to tackle this. Basically I’m treating December like a little trial run for 2012.

So that said, December started in the middle of the week & since I want my weeks to start on Monday, (to match my new planner!), I laid out my book starting with a half page for my title page & start of the month. And I LOVE that page protector! I only ordered one package of them & I have a feeling I’m going to want more since I love the size!

Project Life Header

Here are my first two pages before I printed them:
Project Life: Digitally Created Title Pages
The left, the title page, I used Montage by Paislee Press & Fei-Fei’s Stuff, Ali Edwards font, & a template by Anna Aspnes. After I printed it I also added a sticker from one of the Studio Calico kits I got. (See my Project Life Starter Pack post for my paper scrapping supplies.) The right side, or my December title page, I used wordart Making A List by One Little Bird & one of her date elements.

They look better printed, (though I need a new paper cutter!):
Project Life: First pages
I like that the cover only covers part as it goes right into the heart of my Project Life.

December 1-4th

Now I know I mentioned in my last post I didn’t want my album to be just focused on dogs, but since the beginning of September I fostered a litter of 9 puppies at my home…And I was committed to them until they found homes. The last two FINALLY found homes this month!!

Other highlights of the week include: dinner with my grandma, (I sneakily took her photo when we went out), being back to just our two dogs out here & my brother’s two dogs, & helping my mom with an ornament project where she wants to inventory what we have. Yep. Photographing literally hundreds of ornaments for her. We have just over 500 done & I have no idea how many are left, but it’s been fun anyway.
Project Life: First pages
I think I have a tiny staple addiction! hehe!

December 5th-11th

Lots of things in the mail this week. A new book & the first one I’ve read not on my Kindle since May. My new planner, (I always have good intentions with those & they sit empty, hoping this will help me with Project Life to stay on track). A newly cleaned room for my crafting, (a room that for the last 5 years has been storage & I’ve cleaned it up). DNA results back from my mutt Charlie. My first Christmas card of the year. A photo of my mom that I LOVE since I have barely a handful of photos of her. Helping out at an adoption event at Petsmart. And staying the night at my mom’s Condo so I can use faster internet for uploading client orders.

I photographed the weekly spread first without the extras added & then what it looks like with everything added.
Project Life Project Life
For this week I used some packaging from my Kindle. Yep I kept that box & I don’t know why, but it looks cute I think. I also added my first Christmas card that I received by just hole punching it, (I will add some reinforcers over the holes later so they don’t get as worn. If I had a sewing machine I probably would have stuck it in a page protector & stitched it up). I also added the printouts from Charlie’s DNA results in an extra protector since my brother did that for me for Christmas so we’d know what he was mixed with. Pure mutt. Part rat aka Chihuahua.
Project Life

Loving how this is starting! Besides the 12×12 which I sent out for printing the rest I took to Walmart to get done. Trying to figure out how to work that into my schedule without adding too many extra trips since I’m 30 mins away from civilization. Small town goodness!

Any advice for a Project Life newbie & someone who’s been away from paper too long?

I’ll leave you with one of the quotes a friend wrote on facebook last week that I included on my page: “What do I want to do with the rest of my life? I want to be happy. So far, I’m on the right track.”

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