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Holiday Templates 2011: 6-10

Holiday Templates 2011: 6-10

My digital scrapping has been off for a couple months, & I think it could be because I’ve been designing lots of books for work & haven’t been in Photoshop for ME lately. This means I’m still behind on my most recent class from Tiffany Tillman for Holiday Templates.

It’s silly, but I LOVE my goals when taking her classes. I LOVE the challenge of using her templates twice, they PUSH me. So I really want to catch up on all of these before January ends. 10 templates down (20 Layouts), 14 to go (28 Layouts)!

Hence! Scrappy Saturday!
Holiday Templates 2011: template 6

Each image shows side-by-side the pages that utilize the same template to start. 1 Holiday related (for the class!) & 1 anything else I want to scrap. I also look at templates as a fun way too to use & play with other kits in my stash that I might have forgotten about, or revisit old favorites.

Holiday Templates 2011: template 7

In previous classes I’d scrap template 1, template 2, template 3, etc… & then go back & scrap them each again. This time I did most of them back to back instead to try to push myself more to make them different, template 1, template 1, template 2, template 2, etc…

Holiday Templates 2011: template 8

This time around I also was trying to keep some of the multiphotos as multiphotos. I’m not strong in that area, but the templates in this class were heavily weighted that way & I like a challenge!

Holiday Templates 2011: template 9

I guess the point of these class posts is to show that using the same templates can give completely different results even when scrapped by the same person. Endless possibilities to stretch, move, rotate, add, delete, flip.

Holiday Templates 2011: template 10

Endless possibilities to help get memories & moments scrapped.

Here’s the link to Holiday Templates 2011: 1-5

Happy Scrappy Saturday!

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