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Project Life – Dec 26th-Jan 1st

Project Life – Dec 26th-Jan 1st

I’m late posting this week I know, but surprisingly I had most of my design & layout done on Sunday night & I just had to wait for my sister to get home from her New Year’s trip so I could steal a few pictures from her camera from bowling night 🙂 And I still had to decide what to do for the front of a 5×7 protector that I had. (you’ll see!)

Basically, I just didn’t want to blog my layout with two empty spots, ha!

I finished up my spreads last night & realized I left my camera card reader at work, good thinking I know!! And today…well…today I’m being bad & shopping more. Yep. I can’t help it! I still feel like I’m looking for something when I’m working because I like variety & so…SHOPPING! (seriously, I’m done!)

Project Life Header

ANYWAY! This past week was fun! Well.. The end of the week was fun, the beginning was sort of blah & slow & put me behind with work since it was so blah & slow. I know that makes no sense, but let’s just say that the end of the week was much more enjoyable!

The first picture is a look at the last week of December without the inserts. (Can you believe 1 month done!!) For journaling this week I had my cousin’s help me out since I wanted to include their handwriting. Hanna told me one thing she loved about 2011 & Savanna told me one thing she’s looking forward to for 2012.

Also included for this week are a few cut up menus from the places we went out to eat & a movie ticket stub from New Year’s Day!
Project LifeProject LifeProject LifeNow the inserts!

For the first insert I already mentioned we went bowling above and that was a more photo worthy event during the week, & I actually got a picture with me in it!! (from my sister’s camera), so of course I had to print more of those.
Project LifeThe second insert is a little digi Year In Review layout on the front created using 52 Projects No. 1 by Sue Cummings & The Open Road by Paislee Press and on the back an intro card to 2012 & my One Little Word: “Hello”, (which hopefully I’ll blog/digi scrap about a little later).

And the last insert is from the end of the New Year’s photoshoot of my cousins. Last time I did them on the 31st of December, but this year I was photographing a wedding that night, so it moved to Jan 1st. The front is Savanna & the back is Hanna. I used an old letter stamp thing that I had to do their names on the cards.
Project LifeWell it was a fun week! This week now… Probably not going to be as lively! HAHAHA!

(Project Life is a system created by Becky Higgins to take the stress out of scrapbooking.)

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