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Project Life – Jan 2nd-8th

Project Life – Jan 2nd-8th

I think it’s funny that the weeks I have my spread mostly done early I’m later blogging about it.

This was a simple week. Not much exciting, but I knew going in to this project that I have a simple life most of the time. It’s me. I think this week can be summed up with a quote from the novel I just finished:

“Sometimes you have to give meaning to meaningless things.” – Kjersti A. Skomsvold

Project Life Header

Highlights this past week are: playing with my cousins’ Smash Books that I got them for Christmas, starting my postcard hobby again, enjoying the sunsets during the week, organizing parent’s office for tax season (files & shredding), hybrid printing for Project Life using random things in my digi stash, finishing a book (trying for 1 week/January), photograph of myself (once a month goal & hopefully I’m more ambitious with this to truly get shots of me I love…confidence. ugh.), gas prices in January (will do this photo again in December since I think it’ll be cool to see in years later), photographing my sister, & of course Charlie!
Project Life
No extra insert for this week. I did receive another family Christmas card, but I went ahead & stuck that in for the week before since I thought it was more fitting. On the back I added/will add my sister’s New Years in Florida. (Once I get a better setup/space for photographing my book I’ll post updated photos so it’ll be shown then.)
Project Life
Below are a couple close-ups, & even though my handwritting is awful I didn’t want to waste a card & write again, so I’m going to embrace the uglyness this week, hehe!

One of the little bits of life I added in this week was part of the packaging from the Smash books. I’ll also be adding a fortune from a fortune cookie that I forgot in my wallet when I photographed the pages Tuesday.
Project Life

Happy Creating!!

(Project Life is a system created by Becky Higgins to take the stress out of scrapbooking.)

I’ll be back in a little bit to post my 12 on 12 in 2012 pictures from today! And tomorrow, assuming I get my layout finished, I’ll post about my One Little Word.

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