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Project Life – Jan 9th-15th

Project Life – Jan 9th-15th

Hello Week 2 Project Life! (my week 7!!)

This week was another simple one. Stressful things came up, but mostly it was a smooth uneventful thing. I DID get my scrapping mojo back though with the 12 photos on the 12 stuff. So LOTS of scrapping was happening which meant I KNEW I wanted to use the Becky Higgins Design E page protectors to put a few of those there. I won’t include many digi layouts unless they pertain just to that day. I print my digital layouts in a random collection of 200 page books, so I don’t want too much redundancy of the exact same page.

I’m hoping that THIS week (backside of the one I’m showing) I’ll have some photos I really love & just do 6×6 prints of them. That’s my little goal. So far, and it’s Wednesday, I don’t have any I really want to see blown up, so hopefully I get my PHOTOness on & take something better. *noted! hehe

Project Life Header

SO!!! Here is my simple spread for last week & another no insert kind of week.
Project LifeFor this week I changed the location where I photograph my album. I’ve been photographing them at night on my “Project Life” desk, (post coming later), but I was having an awful time with glare & wasn’t liking them so I brought it to work with me today. Still some glare, but maybe a little better? Eh!

I also had a little epiphany this week on why I’m liking this method of scrapbooking even though I’m a digi girl… When I was little as soon as I used up a roll of film I immediately took it for 1hr processing then brought them home & completely rearranged and added them into my albums. I would spend hours with the photos and putting them in the right spot, taking them out, switching them up. Always adding the new stuff. (Sadly the photos didn’t stay in the albums since the albums themselves were always changing to suit my tastes.) But it was the physical, tactile-ness, of the process that I enjoyed, (and this time my album gets to stay together!).

Anywho!! Highlights from this week are more photographs for my sister, meals out with the family a couple times before Gayle went back to school, my OLW for 2012, 12 pictures from the 12, I got a typewriter! (aka borrowing it), studio session with the dogs (every 6 weeks project), working at my Mom’s condo for faster the internet (and boring Charlie to sleep), my book for the week “The Happiness Project”, & dinner out at The Mellow Mushroom with my mom.
Project Life(I also have more stuff added to my stash that I used here but I’ll update about those things later too. I don’t think I can keep up with physical credits with each spread on the blog, but if you have questions about something that was used just ask!)

Since I brought my album to work today I decided to rephotograph each spread and inserts & start a gallery with just those on my flickr account, (also working on adding all of my digital layouts there too so I can have a complete gallery & backup of credits & stuff). If you want to see all the rephotographed spreads at flickr then you can go here, but here is a quick screenshot of each of them in Lightroom too. LOVE how this project is coming together!!!
Project LifeThis time I’ll leave you with a quote I found on Pinterest last week & that’s:

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – So do it!

I hope this encourages you in your memory keeping adventures!!

(Project Life is a system created by Becky Higgins to take the stress out of scrapbooking.)

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