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Feb Oscraps Challenges

Feb Oscraps Challenges

By the title I guess you can see that I focused my scrapping today on doing all the challenges at Oscraps! Besides the copycat layout, all the other pages were made today since I’m waiting for my internet to really cooperate so I can upload some photo sessions for clients.

So! Here we go on the challenges! (Alphabetically!)

First up is Selena’s Camera Corner Challenge. We were to photograph something we love, & since I was watching my cousins this weekend I used one of them. Here is Savanna & my love of laughter:

Laughter - Camera Corner Challenge

Next we are embracing Color with Linda where she gave us a delicious drink inspiration image. Just feels like spring! Or Love. So I made this:

Love - Color Challenge

Then my challenge, so I had this layout completed before February. I chose, at the suggestion of another Cheery-O, to go with a larger photo for the Copycat Challenge so I lifted gavinsmum on this one. Here’s my page:

Be Here - Copycat Challenge

In Ona’s Creative Techniques Challenge she’s having us blend using the gradient tool & has a fantastic tutorial to help you follow along! I made this one of my cousin Allie:

None Like You - Creative Techniques Challenge

Now we move on to one of my favorite challenges, & one that rotates, the O-Stash Recipe Challenge with Laurie. There is a list of 10 items, 1 of which is mandatory & then we can pick any 6 or more of the others to include on our page. My page ended up looking like this:

Lovely - O-Stash Challenge

And finally we get to another one of my favorites just because of the sheer variety of pages it produces & that’s Chris’ Web Inspiration Challenge. Plus, since I got to scrap a picture of my mom & I hardly have any of that, that made this challenge a favorite this time around! So here’s my mom:

Black & White Memories - Web Inspiration Challenge

Well! I think that’s all my scrapping adventures for today! I’m hoping tomorrow I can pull out some older not used yet kits & start scrapping from there!

Happy Tuesday!!

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