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Holiday Tempates 2011: 11-15

Holiday Tempates 2011: 11-15

Finally getting to play with more of Tiffany’s class templates from December. Part of my issue this year on being behind with these has been a lack of NEW WINTER pictures. This winter hasn’t been “wintry” really yet.

And I like NEW photos!!

Now I’m scrapping some more oldies but scrapping! The last page features photos from this past weekend & you can see how sunny & warm it was. Definitely not a typical February! 😀

Holiday Templates 2011: template 11

Holiday Templates 2011: template 12

Like always in my class posts the layouts side-by-side represent ones that started with the same base template designed by Tiffany Tillman.

Holiday Templates 2011: template 13

I’m going to keep my comments to a minimum tonight, & just say a few of these page I made & posted to galleries last month, but the last four here are ones I made tonight as part of my February scrapping goal, (didn’t get scrapping done this weekend since I was babysitting, so making up for it tonight! hehe!).

Holiday Templates 2011: template 14

Holiday Templates 2011: template 15

View Holiday Templates 2011: 6-10 here.

Happy Scrapping & Happy Monday!!

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