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Project Life – Jan 16th-29th

Project Life – Jan 16th-29th

Finally blogging Week 3&4 of January! (My week 8 & 9 aka Two Months DONE!!!!)

A couple minor annoyances initially put these weeks behind, printing woes & a little injury with a paper cutter, but then it was Week 3 that just BORED me & made me slack on it. Week 4 was a dream.

Project Life Header

Here’s a look at week 3 with & without my little insert a la Pinterest.
Project LifeI’m hoping that when I use the 6×6 design protector one week that it won’t be as hard as this one to fill the backside. Maybe it was harder because it was just a boring week overall, or I felt that way. This is also why I added a quote that I saw in another’s Project Lifer’s book by Andy Warhol that said, “You should let things that ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you”. I need to embrace that idea more & cut myself some slack. It’s my life. I’m alive.

Here are a couple close-ups too (as I was photographing I realized I forgot to write on one of the cards, so that’s fixed now) of the week of Jan 16th-22nd:
Project LifeLike I already said, Week 4 aka 9 was a DREAM! When I was editing photos I had already made 3 of them black&white, so I figured I’d try a whole week that way to see how I like it. LOVE. And the week went together so much faster too. I know I can’t/won’t do every week this way simply because the beginning of my book isn’t & I want some sort of flow, but I do know I’ll throw these in sporadically!

Here’s a look at Jan 23rd-Jan 29th!
Project LifeI already know I’ll be a tad late showing the next week since I’m sending out my photos to be printed today. I have a 6×12 in there, so I can’t just do Walmart. But I already know I love the photos so it should come together a little quicker this time around.

I did manage to keep up with our little Facebook “support group”‘s challenges of Week 3 a quote (Dad to Gayle text) & Week 4 photographing an inanimate object we love (Cameras!).
I had a couple questions on my preview PL post titled Project Life – Jan 9th-15th.

The first was about the “Hello Today” photo. That one is a layout I made. The font for the title words & words I emphasized was The Quickest Shift.

The second question was about doing screenshots. I think each keyboard is a little different, but on mine specifically there is a key that has “prt sc” or “print screen” near the f12 key. I just hit that key & it copies the whole screen. Some keyboards you’ll do alt-prt scr to copy it. Here is a little tutorial I found on doing screenshots & using Photoshop. Maybe that’ll help? I use a PC.
Anyway! Still loving the project even with a discouraging week in there. Hoping I don’t have too many of those or at least enough fun ones that I can appreciate the slow times.

Good luck!!

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