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Project Life – Jan 30th-Feb 12th

Project Life – Jan 30th-Feb 12th

Another 2 weeks down! Week 5 & 6 of 2012! (Aka 2 months completely done for me & the 3rd halfway!)

** As I was writing this post yesterday I received a phone call from an online retailer about purchases I didn’t make which led to a day dealing with fraudulent purchases & filing a police report. Not the calm easy day I was hoping for…I guess I can see it as something more interesting (but not wanted) thing to add to project life for this week.

Anyway! BACK To The Goodness!!!

Project Life Header

I kept both of these weeks on the simple side, but I wanted to include & try out another page protector design that I purchased. This one has a horizontal 6×12 photo spot (actually almost .5 inches longer but I filled that in with some patterned paper).

Here’s a look at the weeks. Going to keep this post short since I’m still dealing with yesterday’s trouble right now. At least these make me smile!

*click images to make them bigger*

Week of Jan 30th-Feb 5th: Project Life
Week of Feb 6th-12th: Project Life

And lastly, I thought this shot would be fun since 2 months are completely done in my book & February is on the way to being done 😀
Project Life
(Project Life is a system created by Becky Higgins to take the stress out of scrapbooking.)

And just because I think it’s fitting, Becky Higgins’ quote today was “Part of cultivating a good life is knowing that no matter what happens today, you have control of your outlook + attitude.” I needed this.

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