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Summer Update

Summer Update

Hi hi!! Welcome to my new blog on the web! I still have to organize all my merged over posts, so I hope you’ll still Pardon The Digital Dust around here as I clean up & organize to make this place better. I still need to fix links and add tags & categories. If things change in the organizational structure don’t worry as I’ll post when everything is complete & give you a tour. If you have suggestions for anything just let me know!!

Whew!! I’ve missed you!!!

It’s been too long since I’ve written here so I’m  just going to give you a few highlights of what’s been happening with me & also sneaks of things you might see from me soon on the blog!

1. I got a new camera in July!!! So since I’m going to be bringing my work photography over here I also might try to post some personal photography as well to give a better balance with all the scrappy stuff. It also does video, but I haven’t fully been able to play with that part yet. If I do, I’ll be sure to share!

2. I’ve completed enough scrapbooking layouts to print my books again, & this time I documented my process better so I’ll be sharing that with you probably in two parts starting next week!
Print Screen of Layouts

3. I haven’t quit Project Life! I swear! I know my last post was in March, but I’m now caught up through the middle of July & have pictures caught up through yesterday, so soon I’ll have a post with photos for those. Also by the end of August my second album will be full, so I’ll share videos for Book 1 & Book 2!!
Paper Scrapping Supplies

4. Last week I was asked to help out as an interviewee for the site & the class Easy Page Design 2. The interview will be prerecorded tomorrow & I have to say I’m a little nervous!

Here’s the cutesy video that was posted today talking about the class, (one of my pages is at the end!!):

5. If you’ve been hanging out at Mscraps this month then you know that the Mscraps Oscars have been happening as well as some great sales in the store. The prizes are incredible & there is still time to submit your layouts for chances to win!
Mscraps Oscars Prizes

6. I’ve still been doing the 12 photos on the 12th of each month & making layouts I just need to share them. 🙂

7.  Speaking of Mscraps! I’m doing my best to have my newest release ready for next week!!! Then I’m hoping to be more on top of things with a release or more every month! This also means being more on top of my EHStudios Fanpage with a new freebie next week, (the old one there should have been changes MONTHS ago, but if you still haven’t grabbed it head over there!).

Here’s a little peek at my kit coming next week:
New Kit Sneak Peek

8.  Other things I’ve been up to include doing the pictures of the homeless dogs at a local shelter nearly every week, finished my Days of Charlie photos in June & need to make a book, Finished 52 Fridays photos for my brother at the beginning of August, started stripping wallpaper again in my future apartment, a vacation to DC a couple weekends ago, I’m working on websites for a couple local places, & just trying to get organized!
Stripping Wallpaper

9. Need to buy a couple new external hard drives. My laptop is crying from lack of space! 🙂 This means getting my computer organized again too & trying to think of a system to keep it this way!

10.  I can’t think of a 10, so I think that’s all I’ll post today. Seriously, if there are any suggestions for the blog or things you want to see just let me know! I’ll be back soon to talk shop, books, Project Life, & whatever else I can think of! (Hopefully in a less insane & rambling post!)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Nice new blog Elisa !

  2. Hooray Elisa!

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