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Printing Digi (part 2)

Printing Digi (part 2)

On Tuesday morning my albums came in so I can finally post Part 2 of my “Printing Digi” topic! This part is the fun one where I get to see how all the work I did for Printing Digi (part 1) comes together!!! (Yes I wanted this post to go live on Tuesday, but this week has just been so full with LIFE that I’m only just now getting to it!)  This post will definitely be less of a Step-by-Step than Part 1. Part 2 is really just a visual of the results.

Where did we leave off? My last step was to head over to the Blurb BookSmart Software after resizing all my layouts & adding a white border to them in Photoshop. So, here we are!

(click images to enlarge them to 800px)

My first step now is getting the total number of pages ready in the software for my images. I use a blank template in the Blurb Software & the full size photo option. Once I have 1 spread created with this option I can select both pages and copy&paste them to add the rest of the pages until I get to 200. (Really I set this up with my first books Way Back In July 2010 & now I just duplicate my old blurb book file, remove the images, & resave as the new book.) I also set up the color of my spine in this step. I’m lucky that Blurb accepts RGB values so I’m able to closely match the spine with my cover designs. (For this I use Photoshop’s Eyedropper tool.)

Blurb Booksmart: Getting Files Ready

Once my cover & spine are complete I can get down to the good stuff of inserting my layouts into the template!! This is where having the file names included on my printed thumbnails comes in handy. With this step I get to see a better representation of how the layouts paired & see the books truly come together!

Blurb Booksmart: Sample Spreads

It does take a little while to insert them all since my layouts are saved on my computer by filename & not in the book order, but this is par for the course of my random scrapping. Once all the layouts are inserted I can see the book as a whole, preview it & turn pages, and send to Blurb’s Site to order. Again that step is a long one because of the large file sizes, but it’s worth it!

Blurb Booksmart: Previewing Spreads & Uploading

Now I can officially place my order & wait for them to arrive! For me, this time, it took exactly 2 weeks for them to get in my hands. HAPPY MAIL DAY!!! The books come wrapped in plastic & have a barcode sticker attached to them, (which does come off easily, so yay!).

Blurb Mail! They are here!

And they look fantastic with my other books!

All Blurb Books Together

In terms of critique I’m going to mainly reiterate what I posted my very first time around since my feelings remain similar.

  • Cover: Sturdy & nice to the touch. Color is great! These are big books, 200 pages, and they seem to hold up nicely, though they don’t get hard use yet. I still have binding worries just given the size, but so far it’s all in my head as they DO look great. I normally just have them set up on end at my desk.
  • Color: I’m still pleasantly surprised with how the colors have reproduced compared to what I see on my computer especially since I use many different designers products. Love the colors!
  • Paper: With these being my 5th & 6th books, I’m no longer worried about putting a dark layout on one side & a light layout on the other. There really isn’t a big see through issue for me.
  • Details: Still there does seem to be some pixelation with text & with some photos. Same thoughts as before: “Not so much that I wouldn’t print from there again but still enough that I wouldn’t use them for my photo studio.” Still, the textures themselves & the elements look great for personal work!
  • Problems: The issue I posted about last time, tiny red dots on 2 pages, didn’t appear this time. My issue now was with the trimming of the pages. I add the white border around all 4 sides of my layout & this time the trimming was right up to the layout itself of the bottom, (meaning the sides & top still showed white but the bottom was trimmed close). I didn’t lose any of my layout details, so I’m willing to live with this. They still are great for me!
    Bottom Edge of 1 Book

Really, I don’t have many complaints with these. Yes the pixelation, trimming & such means they aren’t perfect, but the point is to be able to have, share, & love these books. And I do! So how about I leave you with a few sample spreads since last time I didn’t post as many?!

Photographed Spreads

Bottom Edge of 1 Book

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these books & I truly hope these posts will inspire you to get your creations off your computer & into your hands! Again if you have any questions or want to know more of my process just ask. Have any of your own tips to give me or any books or adventures in printing to share? Do!

Happy Scrapping!


  1. its gonna be my its gonna be my boyfriend and i first arnsveniary on monday and i’m using this design to make a scapebook thank u soo much for sharing your ideas..if u have any tips related to a more love-ish type design, plz comment back once again, thanks so much!

  2. WOW Elisa!!!!! Your books are absolutely stunning and inspiring!! It makes me want to print out my pages. I think I will! Thank you so much for sharing this whole process with us.


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