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Project Life – Mar 26th-April 30th

Project Life – Mar 26th-April 30th

I know… It has been FOREVER since I even mentioned Project Life. And even longer since I shared here. But guess what?! I’ve survived a whole year in doing this project even if I have a few weeks to catch up on & months more to blog about.

At the time my Project Life posts were all on my old blog, but I’ve officially updated & reformatted all my past entries & you can find them all by clicking here. To refresh, last I shared about my journey was with the post Project Life – Feb 13th-Mar 25th.

Because it’s been so long I’m going to group a bit here to show the rest of my first volume of pages. (I’m stopping my albums at the end of the months when they are full & not based on a certain number of months for each book. This first volume just happens to end on my birthday which I found fitting, and that makes Vol.1 five months long. Vol.2 only holds four months, but you’ll see why later. Also this means that my years/albums will blend together rather than ending Dec. 31st & starting Jan. 1st. Volumes will just continue 1-whenever I stop to show order.)

Project Life Header

But enough of that! How about a look at the rest of March & all of April?!

Since I’m showing so many weeks in this entry I’m not going to write about each of them, but if you have questions on something just ask. And since I was just motivated to get this post up today, the photos don’t match my others in terms of lighting & background, but I’m not going to care right now. I just want to share!!

*click the images to make a little bigger

March 26th-April 1st
April 2nd-8th

April 9th-15th
April 16th-22nd

April 23rd-29th
April 30th

You might have noticed that I’ve added the month dividers since my last sharing, (mainly because the designed ones weren’t available when I was first buying products). I inserted them whenever the 1st of the month happened, even if, like April, only 1 day of the new month was that week. I picked up both:
Project Life Month Dividers – Clementine Edition &
Project Life Month Dividers – Cobalt Edition I LOVE THEM! I mixed them together since I already know I’m continuing another year of Project Life. They’ve provided a great little touch to the albums when they are closed & just help me keep track of dates on pages where I don’t always have the month as prominent as on others.

This is the end of Vol.1 & holds December 1, 2011-April 30, 2012! My Vol.2 is already done, and has been since September, so I’ll show those weeks’ pages soon. Vol.3 I’m catching up on now & hope to be back on track for the New Year.

Happy Memory Keeping!!

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