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Project Life – May 1st-13th

Project Life – May 1st-13th

Another post to catch up on the blogging of my Project Life.

May marked the beginning of Volume 2 of my Project Life memory keeping!!

The start of May is what really started putting me behind on my Project Life. April was a rough month, but the beginning of May is where that hit home. To stay on track I made sure to still have my photos & keep track of my days on graph paper with drawings of the weekly spreads. (I’ll show these & my tips for getting back on track later.)

So far, since my books have started on a day of the week other than a Monday (my start of the week for PL), I’ve made my title pages smaller than 12×12 so a piece of the rest of the week can be seen. I figure I’ll use a full 12×12 cover design when a new Volume starts on a Monday. (That reads funny, but I hope you get my wording.)

Project Life Header

A new Volume also meant a new title page to start it off right! I used the same font for the title “Project Life” & the same Anna Aspnes template that I used on my first cover, (Project Life – Dec 1st-11th), & just moved it around to look new. I did use a different Paislee Press kit for the main look, this time Daydreamer.

Here is my cover before it was printed:

N(ow I have to apologize for the awful glare on the photos below that dulls them down, but again, I just want to get these shared more than I want to make the preview of my albums perfect.)

May 1st-6th
I didn’t write about it in my last blog post since I was showing so many weeks, (Project Life – Mar 26th-April 30th), but on April 4th my grandma on my mom’s side got sick & went into Hospice. I did record all that in Project Life, but…

Anyway! The first week of May started with a Tuesday, and one where I woke up sick but still spent as much time as I could with family to help out. After school at the end of the week I brought my cousins over & on that Friday, May 4th, my grandma passed away. So this partial week shows all of that: the sickness, the family, a poem Hanna wrote about Grandma on her own, lyrics from a CD we had on a loop in her room, & life happening around it all.

May 7th-13th
This was a week of highs an lows. First it was funeral week, so I let those days stand on their own yet kept them part of the week as a whole. To divide the week, on the request of my sister, I used a Hambly Overlay to separate the sadness of those days from the happiness of her graduating from Cornell Law School that weekend. For me, I love that it honors my grandma and makes you pause more when looking at this week’s spread. It also helps emotionally to separate it visually from the rest of the week.

I added in a few trivial things to the week as well, like getting new tires, places we ate, & Charlie.

Overall… The start of May was FULL! It was Emotional! And it made me thankful for this project. Without it I wouldn’t have had my camera handy in April to take more recent pictures of my grandma & other family members with her. I wouldn’t have recorded the things we did then to get through.

So that’s the thought I’ll leave you with until I get my next post up.

Happy Recording.

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