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Thursday: Your Sights

Thursday: Your Sights

On June 16, 2000 my grandpa passed away. I was 14, so obviously not old enough to truly appreciate him or to go out of my way to hear any of his stories. I’m lucky though that he left of a nearly complete record of his life, (what wasn’t classified or something he didn’t deem important).

My brother is working on editing & formatting Grandpa’s words, and later I’ll be scanning & getting pictures together, so we can put it into book format for the rest of the family. A couple of my brother’s blog posts on the process can be read here: Grandpa’s Memoirs & Sharing A Trait.

My photo for this Thursday is seeing through his sight through something he had since 1942.



Grandpa's Gun


  1. How beautiful to have those recordings! That will be an amazing treasure. I love your image and the meaning behind it.

  2. oh so beautiful. I love that shot.

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