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Project Life – July 2nd-29th

Project Life – July 2nd-29th

Back again to catch up on my blogging for Project Life. I’ve done well keeping my albums up to date & keeping on top of photos for my everyday life, but I’m still behind on sharing it here on my blog.

I don’t know why I want to put it here, but in a way I think it keeps me inspired to share it. So that’s why I’m still chugging along to get this blog up to date.

I LOVE this project. Even more so this past week as I’m going through & helping my Grandma organize all her photographs, particularly the years that we were born and a part of. To see the day to day moments there. To watch us grow. To hear the stories I wish were on paper. This is why I love this project even if it’s just me here.

Maybe someday it’ll mean something to someone else. A little peak into these years.

Project Life Header

Anyway! Let’s head back to the warmer weather of summer! July 2012!! And a month filled with family!

July 2nd-8th

July 9th-15th

July 16th-22nd

July 23rd-29th

Like I said in my previous PL post, Project Life – June 4th-July 1st, I WILL get caught up here! Also I’m working on an organized Project Life page with links to all my posts, thoughts on my process, & links to others I’m inspired by.

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  1. Hi Elisa, Please keep posting your PL and scrapbooking pages and books you print as it’s really inspiring!I love to see what you create!


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