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Inspire | 52 Fridays: 9

Inspire | 52 Fridays: 9

Hello to another installment of Inspiration this Friday! It’s a project I’m doing with my brother where I supply a photo to inspire his writing.

I didn’t see anything of interest on the way to town today, and I knew it would be too late & dark to shoot when I would be leaving work, so hello alley behind my office!

It’s March. Crazy!

On the plus side of a fast moving year is the anticipation of the greens in nature returning. Last year we were spoiled with an early, & gorgeous!, spring. This year…well not so much. That’s why I was surprised to step out the back door & see the first little look at color.

Week 9 | I See Green:
Inspire | 52 Fridays: 9

Too bad the snow will be back & hide it all.


Friday it is!

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