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Inspire | 52 Fridays: 18

Inspire | 52 Fridays: 18

I don’t normally go out of my way to find something to photograph for this Friday series with Steven, (since the goal is just to see what is around ME & pay more attention), but I had an appointment scheduled in Richmond with the Gymnastics Center today so it wasn’t really out of the way.

I thought I’d check out a favorite small spot in Glen Miller Park & see if it was spruced up for spring yet. This little grove of Willows & little man created pond is right next to the road & behind the amphitheater, (which for me is the only downside to this spot). It’s a spot I’ve used a couple times for my photography work, but mostly I just think it’s a perfect peaceful location.

Thus it’s the perfect spot for a Friday nature photo!

Week 18 | Small Richmond Oasis:
Inspire | 52 Fridays: 18

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