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Spotlight & Bye For Now

Spotlight & Bye For Now

I’ve had a hard time writing this & coming to terms with the idea that maybe this is the best decision for me right now. I officially am taking a break from digital scrapbook designing. I will be opening my personal store again on June 1st so I have a place for all my designs & so it’s there in case I decide to come back to designing in full force, (not completely leaving the design world!).

Honestly I haven’t be a great designer in terms of creating frequently or marketing & putting myself out there more & that’s not fair to my fellow designers. I’ve always put scrapping first over designing & that sometimes leads to guilt when I’m scrapping & not creating or posting to galleries & not marketing. Lately this guilt is keeping me from getting anything done in either area as much as I love both.

So right now I’ve decided on a break & to get focused & see what will make me happiest in the long run. I was designing to find my voice, create, & see what others would make with my ideas. In many ways I think I was success in that & have all of YOU to thank for that.

I LOVE all the designers’ talents at Mscraps & the variety that the store offers. I loved the, now three, years I could call it my design home!!! I’m not calling this retiring, but just a break to see where my heart takes me with this hobby!

My store at Mscraps will be closing on May 6th after iNSD weekend and you can take advantage of this design break with a my biggest sale ever at a HUGE 65% OFF!!! I’ve also put my guest shop at Oscraps on sale at 65% OFF!!!

On June 1st I’ll have my personal store online again, & this weekend I’ll have a new freebie up on my fanpage for iNSD too! I’m not completely leaving design. 🙂

Thank you all again for creating with my work & all your words of support!! I appreciate it more than you know & more than I can express!!

Get Scrapping!!

p.s. This weekend marks 4 years since I discovered digital scrapbooking!!!

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  1. Hi Elisa. It’s always a good decision to follow your heart. I cann’t wait to see your layouts again in the gallery! Wish you a fabulous and creative break!!!

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