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Inspire | 52 Fridays: 27

Inspire | 52 Fridays: 27

Lately I’ve been finding it interesting to see what kinds of things are growing out behind my office. Earlier in May there were bright red tulips. I’ve seen vines galore. Tiny purple flowers here & there. A bit of poison ivy, (but I won’t hold my hatred of it against them).

Now these simple white flowers are taking up space in what is essentially an alley. Growing up among the gravel behind brick buildings in between cars parked at work.

It really is an interesting little space that sometimes gets overgrown before the weed whacker gets to it.

Anyway! I was staying at work later today, so this is why I’m talking about the space behind my building in reference to this Friday’s photo.

Week 27 | Amongst The Weeds:
Inspire | 52 Fridays: 27

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