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Candy Themed Party!!

Candy Themed Party!!

Just a warning, this may be a little long post today but one I’m so excited to get online!

I started a Pinterest Inspiration Board two years ago because I have been wanting to do a big party for my cousins Hanna & Savanna for their birthday. This year seemed to be the year Candace, (their older sister), & I could do it & we were both on the same page for a theme & colors & we did basically follow the ideas I found on Pinterest.

The first step in this party was getting the barn cleaned & then decorated. The first set of photos below is what we started with out there, (which luckily wasn’t as bad to get ready as it would have been since we had another barn party earlier in the month).

Items for the party were purchased mostly from Oriental Trading, Party City, JoAnn, & Walmart. I also reused decorations from my parents’ party on September 1st as some of our colors were the same.


Hanna & Savanna knew our theme & they knew most of our decoration choices, but we didn’t let them help with the set up as we wanted it to be a little surprise for them. They also gave me a list of candy that they might like & snacks that they would want for themselves & friends. (They are 14, so of course we needed approval so as not to embarrass them! HA!) The candy table was the main focus between the tables & we used cut-up table covers on the ceiling for more visual interest.



One thing we did was offer small items for gift bags. What we included, considering these were 13 & 14 year old girls, was: nail polish, nail files, eyeshadow, friendship bracelets, lip gloss, & glow sticks. Hanna & Savanna helped pick out the colors for those items, but we let each friend, (10 girls total), pass around the container of gifts to pick what they wanted. I think this was a success & it included their friends when they were opening their own presents. Here is the present table & gift bag items:


We had cupcakes, cake pops, pulled pork, hot dogs, cheesy potatoes, fruit salad, apple sauce, etc for our meal. Supplemented of course with candy. Our drinks were: mason jar lemonade, Jones Sodas, Crush, & water.


The area where they would be sleeping, since in no way would 10 teenagers fit in the farm house comfortably, was in the old hay-mill that we also turned into a little theater for their evenings entertainment. We bought a large 9’x12′ drop cloth to use as the screen & borrowed a projector for the night. Their sleeping bags were all spread out over a large outdoor rug to try to keep dust & dirt from an old barn to a minimum. Also upstairs we had a little photo booth area for the girls.


Overall I’d say the day was a success! We had a photoshoot with all their friends where they directed me with what groups they wanted together. Lots of photo bombing of course. They had a dance party. They played hide-and-seek in the dark & ran around like crazy with glow lights on. And they ended the night watching movies in the barn.

A lot of work, but so fun!


I hope this post might help with your own teenage style party, your own candy themed party, or your own party in a barn!

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  1. I love your barn! The party was so cute, and you have lots of great pictures of course.


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