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Project Life Update

Project Life Update

I know it has been FOREVER since I posted my Project Life style memory keeping here & though I AM completely caught up on my actual scrapping through this first week of October, I don’t have the spreads themselves photographed & blogged. I haven’t posted since the ones of August of last year! However, I love the idea of having all my project life spreads online here. I love the idea of a complete Archive of this memory keeping journey so I’m just going to plug away on sharing them soon & get this place caught up! This is an I-Think-I-Can kind of post!

As of writing today I’m working on the beginning of my Volume 6! I fill the albums until they are comfortably full & am sure to end at the end of a month. Volume 1 was December 2011-April 2012, Volume 2 was May 2012-August 2012, Volume 3 was September 2012-January 2013, Volume 4 was February 2013-April 2013, Volume 5 was May 2013-August 2013, & now I’m on Volume 6 which started September 2013 & I’m hoping it will go to December. I have a big trip coming up so I know I’ll need lots of inserts for that one!


You might notice there are a couple extra albums in that line up. The first is strictly for page protectors to keep them organized & the next two are for Misc. Project Life, (eventually I want to use those for memorabilia & things I collected before starting Project Life in December 2011, but right now those binders also just hold page protectors).

I still do a full spread for each week but unlike when I first started I don’t print my photos one week at a time rather I wait and do 3-4 weeks worth at a time. It saves me in printing cost since I have a larger quantity of photos & saves me from making extra trips to the nearest photo processor out of town. I started doing this last year when I got 3 months behind after funerals and I’ve found it to be less stressful to not have to think of completing a spread a week & getting all my supplies out. I definitely stay up to date on writing little details & keeping up with taking the photos on a weekly basis though.


Don’t they look awesome all lined up in a row!!! For my spines I’ve been using a free template by Cathy Zielske and replacing the background with whatever design I use for my title page spread in each book. I also use Becky Higgins’ Dividers. I have the Project Life Month Dividers – Clementine Edition, Project Life Month Dividers – Cobalt Edition, & Project Life Designer Dividers + Label Stickers – Jade Edition.

Happy scrapping!!

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